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May 16, 2011


How shall we begin, Paris. Wow, how do you start to talk about a trip to Paris? It’s a hard one because there is so much promise, it’s talked up as the most romantic city in the world, the city of lights, the food capital of the planet,  and the thing is, for me it’s […]

A day off; a cockerel, a shotgun and recollections of mama……

September 8, 2010


I went to buy some oranges to juice for the Goddess’ day off as Sunday she closes her little shop and is pampered by yours truly. On the way I bumped into Stavros and asked about his new chicken hut,  ten minutess later I was back at the house having one of those strange conversations […]

Covert Ops Kardamyli

June 24, 2010


There had been a funny vibe around the village the last few days, something was happening, the Kardamyli Welsh have been even more clannish than normal. There is something in the air, there was contained excitment. A deffo buzz, about what? Feelers out :  intel  in : DOCUMENT INSERT  22/06/10  BRITISH INTELLIGENCE memorandom: For ( […]


June 15, 2010


Now I have always loved  big cities, they seem to have a life of their own, almost like a living organism. Some areas are stronger than others, some weaker, or shall we say ‘poorer’. This does not mean that the poorer areas are  less interesting, in fact it can be quite the opposite and areas […]

Wiseguys 2 (Greece)

May 11, 2010


Please read,  a small interlude with some wiseguys in New York,  first ( in older posts ) A tiny hill village, Peloponnesus Greece. It was going to be another hot one – 35 and climbing, and it was only 10.30 in the morning. The heat had been in for over a month now and showed […]

Elizabeth David

April 22, 2010


I am reading, or should I say rereading, French Country Cooking By Elizabeth David it’s a wonderful book, first published in 1951. You would imagine it to be dated but not so, in fact, it feels new and I think that the reason is  that it talks to the reader like he/she is a foodie.  […]


April 18, 2010


Venice Off The Beaten Track Last month we looked at Paris, as a short break away weekend, this month we look at another of the world’s great cities, this one’s just over the water. My wife had always wanted to go to Venice, and I had so far refused to take her, sighting stinking canals, […]