Walking around .

If you forget me. .

And now you are mine. .

Tonight  I can  write the saddest lines..

2 Responses “Poetry” →

  1. anne robinson

    May 16, 2010

    some of my favourite poems……..beautiful !

    great blog Dave, I love the pictures too… what about some rainy ones to add a touch of reality and make it less appealing for those of us who cant wait to get back there……. (if that doesn’t sound too Irish !)

    the kids loved it too, and cant wait to come back… see you soon A


  2. Janni

    May 19, 2010

    Just watching Jamie Oliver in Athens on ‘t tele and I thought of you…….Greek salad at Kostas is much better than Jamies……went to one of his restaurants in Guildford with a crowd of my yobbo mates (joking) and was mighty disappointed so I stole my serviette which was like a mini teatowel with his name on it. (I guess I am actually a yobbo after all!!)


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