About Me ( Please Read First )

I live in Southern Greece and am and always have been, I suppose, a gourmet. I cannot  remember a day when I have not thought about food,  and have almost photographic taste buds.

I can still remember the taste of my mother’s breast milk, and the taste and texture of the first solid that was pushed in to my gaping maw; a piece of  buttered toast dipped in to tea,  I am still a tea and toast fan to this day. ” What about your  wedding day?”  I hear you say. Well actually on my wedding day I was out of  bed at 6 am to start cooking the food for our guests.

As for the time travel thing,  ah  you’re dubious I see,  let me explain.  Many years ago when just a lad I started to have very strange dreams,  always of the past, and I was always about 35 years old   ( the same age as in the picture you see at the foot of the page) and they were  very vivid,  life-like.  I assumed these were just dreams,  that is until I started finding things!  The first thing I found  was after a particularly vivid one about being on a beach late at night with a  young lady in Southern France in 1947 and eating oysters.  On awakening I found myself not only clutching an oyster shell, but also itching from all the sand stuck to me from wrestling with the young lady in question,  this happened many times.  Then in one dream at  Cafe  Tartine in Paris  I met another traveller who told me about the whole gig ,  also how to control the experience and about chronogenetics in general. I also learned that many people who travel are famous so you never know which great character, from past or present, you will bump into next as they flit, hauntingly, back and forth. There is Oscar for instance  whom I first met in paris in1895, but now is the host of a comedy quiz show on the BBC, or  ruler and goddess of  Egypt and all its lands Cleopatra Ptolemy,  who now has to make ends meet as a  British TV chef.  When I see her tucking her dark locks behind her ear as she gets animated,  I remember the girl sat in a bath of  milk doing the same gesture and talking about the overthrow of the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago, you just can’t get the worshipers nowadays.

Travellers simply use their travelling skills as a tool, so to speak, to further their careers what ever they may be.  And actually the person who told me about these powers and how to spot other travellers was none other than Thomas Jefferson!!!!

I do hope we will have fun together as I guide you through my life,  whether I am  writing about food or travel (in the broadest sence of the word that is) or just about life’s quirks in general.


That’s me, so here are a few things that I  am interested in:

Mycology,  Forests,  Food and Drink,  Travel,  Crime fiction,  Art,  Literature,  Photography,   Animism,  Shade,  Magick,  Ngamiland Botswana,  Light,  Nighttime,  Applied arts (design),  Chronogenetic engineering,  Komboloi,   Perceptual psychiatry,  Hedonism,  Aesthetics,  Cafe Culture,  The Cafe Neon,  Paris,  Absinthe,  Walking in the shadows,   Social criticism,  Love,

Favourite  Books:

Blood Meridian,  anything by James Ellroy,  Atonement,  Bone in the Throat,  Thongs,  La-Bas,  Quiet Days in Clichy,  Mambo Kings,  Tropic of Capricorn,  Platform,  Vernon God Little.

Favourite Films:

Down by Law,  Whitnail and I,  The Big Lebowski,  Tampopo,  The Milagro Beanfield War,   Goodfellas,  The Hairdressers Husband,  Betty Blue,  LA Story,   Henry and June,  The Godfather Part Two,  Monsoon Wedding,  Manhattan,  Amores Perros,  Before Sunset,  Before Sunrise,  Night on Earth,  Once Upon A Time in America,  Raging Bull,

Myself and the Goddes

20 Responses “About Me ( Please Read First )” →
  1. Thanks Dave I look forward to following you….and learning more

  2. A grest new blog site Dave – Congratulations. Who is the thin guy with Gill in the picture . Watching for new posts . Nick.


  3. Janni Jackman

    March 12, 2010

    Wow!! What can I say !! I am poli impressed ! !
    I will wait for next bit with bated breath ! !


  4. Tony & Debs in sunny Leeds

    March 12, 2010

    Pure Poetry…! ! but who’s the Geezer with Gill with the skinny head…? ?


  5. Andy & Karen

    March 12, 2010

    Brilliant! Looking forward to reading more – will follow the Spaghetti Carbonara recipe as it is one of my favourites. Anyway …. as said by others, who is that handsome guy sitting with his hand on Gill’s leg?

  6. Enjoyed the first blog look forward to more.

    Have you heard the one about following Greeks up mountains.


  7. 5minutespeace

    March 14, 2010

    Congratulations on setting up your blog. I come from Nigella’s website.

    Will be interested to see what traditional Greek cuisine’s you recommend. I loved the food when I was out there in the summer.

  8. Love it more please……………..

  9. YAY! I’m sorry I cheated inadvertently by reading your carbonara post first . Now I’m off to read the rest;)

  10. Great start Dave,Keep it up
    Why is Gill wearing a feather on her head?


  11. Tatjana

    March 23, 2010

    Nice blog, love the way you write. As always very funny and articulate. Great job, can’t wait to see more XX (Tatt)

  12. Hi Dave, great blog!
    how about supporting each other?
    I can recommend you blog on our company’s facebook page
    http://www.facebook.com/Mani.Blauel , (just started, we will present recipes and olive oil tips regularly), and you could suggest to your readers the ONLY way to get original Mani products online! (our webshop… :-))
    have a look.

  13. Thank you!!!!
    I’ll regularly recommend your blog to our followers on facebook, and also, if you agree,…steal, now and then, some of your fantastic recipes (mentioning the source, of course).
    I will also try to participate actively in the blog, but my time is never enough, I’m afraid.
    Let me know when and if I can help in any other way.
    Gia sou!


  14. jerrytapia

    June 28, 2010

    I myself am fascinated and will read more. Keep it up


  15. Shadowfax

    September 1, 2010

    This afternoon a webmistress announced:Dear All,

    The Nigella.com team have been busy this summer! We’ve been busy revamping the site to give it a new look and feel – which we will be revealing to you tomorrow. And we’ve created two brand new sections of interactive content. Firstly, inspired by the forum users, we’ll be starting up a monthly cookalong featuring Nigella’s recipes – this will be starting on Monday 6 September. And secondly, there will be a brand new Kitchen Queries section – so we hope you will enjoy both these. The forum itself won’t be on the new site, but we hope you will come and join us and enjoy chatting on the newly official Nigella Facebook page – here’s the link:
    All will be revealed tomorrow!
    Best wishes,
    The Nigella.com team
    This has upset a lot of people who socialise on the site – you should see the comments. It also seems to be a singularly unfortunate move in view of the imminent publication of Nigella’s latest book. Having seen the clips of it I am rather hoping to get out of actually buying it. Tyhere are just so many recipes for toad in the hole or marmalade pudding a girl can have. What are these corporate drongoes playing at? Loved your comments – so not a Stepford wife.
    Angel of the North.

  16. Dear God I am in total shock. Angel. At a loss for words!!!
    The forum for me was always a home from home, a comfort zone !! ok some times it drove me mad with it’s cupcake madness, but I always felt that most people on there were part of a big foodie if sometimes disfunctional family, who am i going to flirt with or take the piss out of now.


  17. Shadowfax

    September 1, 2010

    Baking Bunny has started a temp one at:
    plus people are regrouping on a dedicated friends page on facebook pro tem. We NEED you. I just saw sprats in Morrison’s yesterday. Cornish sprats. We are less than 15 miles from Eyemouth. The big fish dealers in Eyemouth have never heard of the MSC.
    Please pop over to Facebook temporarily. I’d like to send you a message about the new book which I don’t want to post on an open site.
    This is soooooo strange.#
    All the best


  18. Liz Rezvani

    February 22, 2011

    I have only recently come across your blog and I think its great

    I live in Leeds however I am spending my holidays in Greece and hope to spend a lot more time here when I retire


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