Covert Ops Kardamyli

Posted on June 24, 2010


There had been a funny vibe around the village the last few days, something was happening, the Kardamyli Welsh have been even more clannish than normal. There is something in the air, there was contained excitment. A deffo buzz, about what?

Feelers out :  intel  in :

DOCUMENT INSERT  22/06/10  BRITISH INTELLIGENCE memorandom: For ( name transcribed)  burn after reading.

D the only thing we could find on the wire’s pertaining to Mani or kardamyli is the following telephone conversation.

Marked, stage 1 Covert. Telephone transcript record Dublin 17 /06/10.

Unknown subject: “Is dat Jimmy ?”

JB: ” Which Jimmy do ya wont ?”

Unsub: “Don’t f*** around ya eejat, I can tell it’s you by the stupid tello voice ya put on”

JB: ” OK OK, de ye have the stuff or what ?”

Unsub  “I have it at that, an’ mi mammi ses to say she can’t do the sittin’ on Sunda as she’s aff to the bingo”

JB: “Jeesas an’ I’d promised her a night out, anways  who’s takin’ it over ?”

Unsub:  Sheamus, he’s takin’ it across to the Smoke to have it cut then flyin’ inta Athens with it”

JB: ” How much is the ?”

Unsub: “3 kilo, it should keep the boys in the Mani goin’ for a while”

JB: OK job done, tell ya mammi no worries”

End of Transcript:

A name.  Sheamus.

So the Big Guy himself arriving with a package, no less.
Calls were made.  Deals were dealt.  A hot drop was arranged boocoo.

I had not done a hot drop since Dallas ’63 – JEH and Sammy G.

Mark it Now:

7.15 pm. Annas Cafe Kardamyli.  He is sat in the garden, the sky goes orange to red.  I sat. I scoped the package. I tried not to sweat. I  failed.   He said ” How was Haiti ? ” I replied ” Silenced Glocks and Tonton Macoute “. Check.

Mark it Now:

7.54 pm. My house. I was jonesing so hard, I found it difficult to open the package. Sweat was dripping into my eyes and making them sting. Calm down, calm down, and there it is. I dip a finger in and rub some on my gums, instant relief. There is nothing, nothing in the world like…………

good black pudding.

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